Art Wall

On the wall behind the Sound Booth is the Art Wall -- we open a new exhibit every two moths.

Our first show was Harvey Wang's outstanding photographs for Flophouse -- portraits of our neighbors here on the Bowery. Jenny Snyder's "Commercial Traffic" followed -- wooden taxis flowed across the wall leading to inevitable traffic jams. Eric Moskowitz's multi-media show followed  -- it included a seven-minute movie of Phaedra with a haunting score. William Woods' "Polaroids" filled the wall like a pointillist  Song of Myself. We loved  "Some Poets for National Poetry Month," hiphop portraits from the Eyejammie Gallery. We had Margrit Lewchak's glo-in-the-darks over the summer of '02. Jackie Saccocchio's strong triptych stirred. Howie Michels' erotics wowed. Jessica Weiss's nonidentical twins pulled eyes by the roots. Jeff Way's masks lived poetry and breathed fire.

Gallery hours 9am-7pm M-F, 11am-7pm on weekends.  The Art Wall lights should be on -- if not, just ask the Barista. We sometimes have rehearsals and performances, so the Barista will negotiate this.

The Art Wall is curated by independent gallery curators. There is no application procedure.