The Club does not book readings. We are not a reading series. Check the Ultimate NYC calendar to query individual series for readings – you can reach BPC readings via their individual listings at this site.

What we do is Artist Development. Use the Club to launch projects, have special events, do a run or a series. Unsure if the space is right for you? Dropping in is the best methodology. Eventually you'll send us a Proposal.

We prefer a press release, as if the project were really happening. Give us the who what why when -- all hypothetical, of course, but we'd like to know your druthers. One way to unleash poetry on an unsuspecting civilization is by training a class of art-business types who will take on the job of kicking the poem into action central, so if you have an agent/manager/press agent/business type that's great! Could be a friend, someone you need to inspire to do this while hanging out together. Send your proposal to:

If you know of a poet from out of town who's coming to New York and would like to put in a cameo reading, let us know and we'll try to make it happen. We’re especially interested in developing globally. We have a cozy Back Room for intimate poetry gatherings.

You can rent the Club for book signings, opening parties, benefits and -- yup, Sweet 16s, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, weddings (Samoa + Hope was our first) -- you name it's. Contact us at