We’re for homemade poetry.

Our mainstem bartender, Shappy, also handles the Consignment books/CDs/Zines. His rules follow. Write him directly.

Hello, my self-publishing pals!

Welcome to the Bowery Poetry Club's Consignment Bookshoppe! The moniker's Shappy, and I feel that NYC is really lacking a decent representation of what is available out there as far as zines, chap-books, self-published novels and CD's go.

This is where the BPCCB comes in!

If you have produced any of the DIY items mentioned above-WE SELL ‘EM!!

We feel that in this electronic age, all self-produced product should, nay, MUST be made available to any Mary Housecoat or Joe Sixpack who ventures into our eclectic establishment!

Of course, there are certain terms that we all must abide by like any democratic process, but, I think they are more than fair, and if followed will make this venture something that will benefit us all!

Perhaps even spark a revolution? Eh? Let's freak out the squares! Here's the skinny:

  1. Bowery Poetry Club will pay the creative genius 60% of the cover price per copy sold.

  2. All local creative geniuses (meaning New Yorkers) must not let 2 months pass before contacting us about their product either by calling, e-mailing or dropping by in person. If we haven't heard from you by that time, BPC will assume that you have no self-worth and remove your product from our limited shelves! I realize this sounds harsh, but, realize that this helps both sides out! First of all, you SHOULD be interested in how your baby is selling! If you don't care, WHY SHOULD WE?!? Plus, if if your masterpiece is a best-seller, wouldn't you like to collect what's coming to you and leave more to sell? Huh? Wouldn't ya?!?

    Don't worry, nothing will be destroyed or thrown away! It's just that we want to keep it fair for all! Say, for example, your product is a best-seller, we will contact you, and yes, we will sell back issues, etc. This is a small operation, but, also, a labor of LOVE! Think of all the thousands of unloved books that get released day after day in major bookstores only to be left to the remainder table! WE'RE FOR THE LITTLE GUY, DAMMIT!

  3. Like I said, space is limited, so, here's how many of each we can accept at this time:

    CD'S 2

    Realize that these numbers are subject to change! Also, your product will be displayed and promoted damn near everyday that BPC is open! There are plans for "listening booths" and "zine rentals" for our hapless patrons. This means those with CD's will be on a "jukebox" of sorts and those with zines, chap-books, whatever will earn a rental fee from a tip jar. Basically we are offering the consumer a "test drive"

    No matter how you slice it-YOU MAKE BREAD! (bread=$, in case you don't get my dated reference, Daddy-O!)

  4. Now, don't get all bent out of shape my fair citizens of NYC, but, the BPC will have many out-of-town guests. You out-of-towners get a special arrangement. Mostly, we hope you will sell mucho product the night of your performance. If, however, you wish to "mark your territory," you can arrange to have 2 zines/2 chaps/2 minicomix/1 CD/1 book sold to the club for 60% of the asking price IN CASH.This product becomes the PROPERTY OF BPC- NO RETURNS!

That's all I have for now. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or comments! Remember- WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!